About Us

Merry Berry offers a collection of thoughtfully created kids' wear and accessories for the modern, contemporary family. This concept store was started by a fellow mother who shares the love for minimalistic and classic play clothes made from natural fabrics, suitable for our tropical climate.

Our classic and evergreen collections that are manufactured in pattern-free designs hope to offer comfort for your little ones in their day to day lives at home, in school and in the outdoors. We aim to create classic and timeless pieces that are designed to celebrate innocence and organic play.

About Us

Merry Berry was founded by a family who share the love for minimalistic products and holistic living. We believe that the secrets to wonderful childhood are simply: Comfort and Play.

On Comfort and Play,

As a mother to a 3 year old girl, I recognized a gap in the market for classic, pattern-free, minimalistic childrens’ wear that was not only stylish but also comfortable for outdoor wear.

At 3 years old, my daughter Marissa has become increasingly fussy with the material of the clothes we put on her. She would reject anything too tight, scratchy or frilly. I took all of this into consideration when I started to source for the perfect range of children's wear. As a fellow parent, I also understand the need for economical and affordable clothes and accessories for my child whilst not compromising on design and quality. 

Our Goal,

At Merry Berry we aim to offer you affordable, reliable and stylish products that both parents and children alike will enjoy.

About our Brand

Berries are a symbol of organic growth, a product of the outdoor environment and a symbol of colour and sweetness suitable for a young child’s palette.  They symbolize the essence of childhood and encapsulate everything that our brand advocates. Merry is derivative of my daughter, Marissa’s name. Merry also symbolizes joy, happiness, and the celebration of a child’s love for play.

Our Values

With small batch productions, we pride ourselves in being a Slow Fashion Brand, with the aim to reduce textile waste by thoughtfully and ethically producing classic designs that are enduring in style. Instead of chasing the seasonal trends, our objective is to create timeless designs which are practical as well as stylish for your little ones. We work with small family businesses instead of large-scale production companies to ensure quality control and ethical production. Merry Berry aims to be thoughtful and intentional as we invite our customers to invest in classic, well-made and lasting clothes and lifestyle accessories for your little ones.